1,400 years ago, one man made a stand that continues to inspire hearts all throughout time

Imam Hussain

The grandson of Prophet Muhammed    (PBUH)

The leader of the                youth in paradise

The battle of Karbala

Imam Hussain

and his army were martyred in defense of Islam Women's and childrens captured as prisoner's of Yazid.
Millions  of  people,

Men  and  Women,

Children  and Elderly,

Healthy  and Handicapped  

Walk  towards Karbala  to  visit
Imam  Hussain (AS)

on  Ashura  and  Arbaeen.

Did You Know?

19+ million pilgrims visited the tomb of Imam Hussain on January 2013 marked as one of the largest peaceful gathering in history.
You don't need to be a shia muslim to cry for Imam Hussain (AS), You just need a heart and a sense of humanity.

Prophet Mohammed (PUBH) Said:

Oh Fatima - Every eye shall be weeping on the day of Judgement, except the eyes which has shed tears over the tragedy of Hussain (AS) for surely, that eye shall be laughing and shall be given the glad tidings of the bounties and comforts of Paradise.

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in his famous book, Ghanyatul talibeen, page 430 comments :

70,000 Angels came to the grave of Husayn bin Ali after his martyrdom and they wept for him and will keep weeping unto the Day of Judgement"

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